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Salam (Peace) children Is there a way to avoid all pitfalls and traps? Can we be certain of never being temted to do what we know is harmful to our body, mind, And Essence? Nope!! 😂 But to those who believe, the waiting , is the journey to love. Thanks for wagging your tale ! glad you're alive, I'm fine...  now that we got that outa the way let's give this relationship TIME And consistent effort so as to not die strangers while sharing blood. I have to become Love since I was never taught or was allowed to TRUST, And when I did, every time.... I was not accepted or Loved back as I was. That's my story... So I say unto you children, make time to connect to those you feel some love for, so like Baba Hamid your years left After becoming Love are not so short as to not allow for making up for lost time!  Now I'm learning how to Become Love, because Love cannot be had, possessed or labeled.. forgiving and unselfish. Most pronouncements of love,

My Life's Valueارزش ‏زندگیم

Nearing my seventieth day on Earth 🌍 can't help but wonder how easy it is to loose sight of the great life I've been blessed with if I allow my brain 🧠 to run a comparison model 🤣🤣 Always a result of generations of competitiveness and selection!, so I rely on My cat 🐈🐈😺 to guide me 🥴🥴  Nothing seems seriously wrong with the world 🌍 The more I learn to flow and quietly accept more and expect less.. but along the way if the situation goes against my grain 🌾🌾 I have learned at last to pull away in peace ☮️☮️ and let the situation work itself out 🙂 ALL the ones who came before me and occupied the same space and breathed the same air many many generations ago, have nothing except their words to be remembered by in art form or scribed...... Let theses simple words be My legacy and my medicine of herbs be still healing Long after I've checked out 🌹🌹🥀🌺🌱🌾🌱🌲🏞️🌊🌳🌴🌻

Our Address

look close my love , all that has ever been ,all that will ever be, the kings , kingdoms of  all sizes, all of humanity's hopes and dreams,ALL IS HERE ON A DOT ..look again, where at  your current address are your conditions in love and hate ? All dots, little particles at yet another address of more dots!  ببین، خوب نگاه کن عزیز دل، هر آنچه بوده، هر آنچه خواهد آمد امپراطوریهای بزرگ و کوچک، تمام آرزو و امیدهای خاندان آدم..همه اینجاست روی یک نقطه!  دوباره بنگر هوشمند متحرک، در آدرس کنونیت کجا هستند نکات مهم عشق و نفرتت؟ خواستها و اضطراب روانت، همه نقط، همه ذره، در محیطی از ذرات دیگر ..آدرسی از نقطه های دیگر ذرات دیگر!


[12/15, 10:27 PM] Hamid David Dashti:  ☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️ Kindness 🤗 Kindness has a price like any other commodity. When the demand goes down the commodity disappeares or becomes very scarce ✅  Even those receiving kindness soon forget and do unkind Acts to discreetly selfish ends. When more of the receivers don't remember to also give back, Kindness looses it's meaning and value. Proclivities don't make better humanity.💞 Results self evidently clear to the thinking mind.  Be kind in deeds and thoughts, specially to the ones closest to you, let them not ponder and wonder that you just don't care enough to show Kindness in action, lest the reverberation of the Same is imitated to the great spirit within you, doubt and fear replace Hope for the return of the kinder moments.  ,, You cannot solve a problem from the same mindsets that created it.,, Where's your New mind coming from? Act as though it is so, picture clearly the end result you wish for, think,

Beliefs and Dogmas ‎باورها ‏و ‏مذهبیت

Hello beautiful 🌹 Whatcha been up to? Hot enough for you 😜 Go here please help me with spreading the feeling 👁️❤️🌹 Religiosity Glad you are here 😊 reading!

His Holiness Corona Nv, prophet of the new age

Greetings, Salaam, Hola, 🤟 Go see this, pass it on if you agree, forget me, do it for the children 🥀 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

What's Love got to do with it?

Hamid David Dashti (@shaman19) Tweeted: She was with the huddled masses, then she stayed to beg for freedom! I was the soldier crying...