I AM That, I AM

"life, Everything is energy and that's all there's to it.
Match the Frequency of The Reality YOU want, and
You cannot help but get that Reality,( whether
you're aware of it or not) It can be no other
way, this is not philosophy, IT IS Physics"
 let's just say like anything else in life worth while, we do need to accept the work it takes to be at least semi-aware of our being here as spirits(particles of energy if you will). It takes work to undo years, decades of conditioning by so many outside factors, beginning with our parents or wherever we spent the first 5-6 years of our lives, to and throughout every stage of us awakening to a new "I AM".

 To be free of the yokes of religions, cultures, heritage, and all that bind us to mediocrity and complacency is hard work! Think

So if so many beings like ourselves in our humanity's past, said we did this,that, and the other with good results, And, the results were verifiable by experimental sciences, what then? Would the average Joe or Jill, act and find out about Mindful Living? Well,  the numbers are rising and even amidst the confusion of all the come lately "gurus",  as a species we are doing better, Atta boy to us minute Molecues of coagulated mush and carbon! 

But alas! Not enough humans have chosen to live a mindful life, in fact it seems that more mindless times are spent in non-enhancing activities by humans than ever before in our history. We have come to accept mediocrity in passiveness, being constantly "entertained" by mindless shows and games on varied screens. This is the Age Of Anger! Why is that? From the leaders of most powerful nations on Earth to the average family situations, our common human language seems to me to have come to be far more antagonistic and confrontational in at least 50 years! It is as if the planet's air is saturated with vibes and waves of hate,excess pride and greed! The  grand children learning from their YOUNG mom and dads how not to be in touch with the family, how elders don't count much for life! And the cycle continues, more separatism, less unity!

Well then what are we to do? How are we supposed to maintain a state of balance and gratitude? How do all these elders go on accepting the changes and not die of heart aches, how will our humanity go on?

How in the Hell is anyone capable of seeing millions of refugees and not be angered by the callousness of the ruling class? It is deep sadness and frustration that really comes out as anger!
Now more than ever, we need gentle voices, single bright candles, in this sea of anger, separatism and darkness. Like beautiful Buddha says: "Instead of complaining about the darkness, bring a candle instead!". YOU can only fix YOU, No One can fix NO One, No One Can fix YOU, ONLY you can fix you by believing and being willing partners with THE SOURCE OF ALL through daily connection! 

Namaste' Namaste' Namaste!  



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