Where I may fail, LOVE, will succeed most assuredly! 

When its all said and done its "aalll up to me" because if I fall short, then I've fallen short! Deep inside I know when that is and what it looks like, (when I fall short) if I am totally honest with myself.

Why do we do the things we do? And why do we not do the things that we do not do? Somethings we know we need to do and don't do! This not doing business, why is that?
 And all that I think I Do, do, ends up being together with what I don't do, the story of my life! So it begs to ask the question, WHY? Why do we do the things we do, and not do the things we don't do?

If we know that thoughts become things(proven physics now, OK?), right? Anything I end up doing or not doing starts with a thought, then I sound the thought out, I am now seeding the field of possibilities and without fail, every action starts out with a thought. Whether I am aware of the thoughts or I am reacting to an immediate environmental action caused by......(you can fill in the blank), OR just acting out an old pattern, a habitual act! All, just the same, the story of my life.

So then if actions (doing or not doing) are to be my thoughts, then life enhancing thoughts, ought to lead to life enhancing actions. The reverse being just as true, life hindering thoughts, lead to life hindering deeds, AND I AM EITHER ENHANCED OR DIMINISHED. 

"I AM AS I AM, FINE, JUST THE WAY I AM" must then be the thought I need to keep in my consciousness front row , awareness, mindfulness of my life. Such is the way of daily connections to THE SOURCE OF LIFE'S CODES OF PATTERNS.

We start right where we are, as we are, so each day becomes a new canvas on which to be creative with our thoughts. Accepting more and expecting less, makes for a whole lot less anxiety.

At the end of the day, it is the journey that matters most, not any achievement nor destinations reached. No one knows how Alexander the great feels today! 



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