Barter with God if you must!


Most of us were raised thinking that prayer/meditation was for God's sake. That somehow we were obligated to do so or else we'd incur the wrath of this God or at the least get him angry and not get our goodies when we die. This way of thinking has caused more harm and done more damage to our spiritual growth and freedom from pain and anxiety than all the Hitler's of the world put together.

It is a joy to see that we are now much more awakened humans on this planet. More and more of us are questioning the wisdom of our forefathers who told us all those horror stories about God and Heaven and Hell. More and more we are realizing the wisdom of the true messengers and prophets who like Christ "NEVER TALKED ABOUT A PLACE CALLED HELL, NEVER ONCE!". Instead they all encouraged the human race to seek peace and grace through kindness and giving and forgiving. These time travelers spoke of "you shall reap what you sow" which is the same as saying if you put your dadgum finger in the fire it'll burn and hurt. 

Though there are those of us humans who for one reason or another still need a bartering system for doing anything. I'll pray five times a day my God and you give me a guarantee of heaven and save me from you Hell. And for such humans, it may very well be necessary to have the notion of a Heaven and Hell as reward and punishment so that the world goes on in some form of orderly fashion. But for the true lover of Life's Essence (call it whatever you wish, GOD is just as good as any, so is Allah, so is The Creator.....) no bartering is needed in form of rewards of later life. I sit to meditate so that my mind learns to stop the chattering and be more at peace with the world around it. I sit and meditate, display and announce my gratefulness to the universe because I know that the energies I produce through such actions come back to me in pure joy and peace of mind in abundance.

"I don't greed for your Heaven and am not afraid of your Hell" said an old Sufi once to a mullah (Muslim clergy) who was chastising him for not showing up at the Friday services, warning him of God's wrath. Imagine a world where all of us realize that THERE IS ONLY GOD, HOW THEN CAN WE ACCEPT THIS GOD PUNISHING HISH OWN ESSENCE? Imagine living as though you are a piece of this Creator and as such can never be otherwise separate from God. Imagine my beloved, being in the arms of the most powerful being you can imagine, and never having to worry or fear ever again! PLEASE DO THAT, JUST IMAGINE THAT LIFE WITH THE GOD OF CREATION WHO IS AS CLOSE AS THE AIR FLOWING THROUGH YOUR LUNGS KEEPING YOU ALIVE! Imagine The Source still within you, active, FEEL that......

Then, show up daily, sit in meditation, in connection to that source of all things, and say thank you for what you have, gripe if you wish about what you don't, let your mind only notice the breath, just the action of breathing, the air entering and leaving your body, announce it loudly if you must, or in your mind, "HERE ENTERS LIFE, OR, GOD IS THIS BREATH OF LIFE, I TAKE IN LIFE GIVING BREATH AND GIVE OUT WHAT IS TOXIC " I guarantee you my child, in doing so, daily (that is a must, not driving, not thinking about it, but actually showing up and giving this a piece of your time) you will feel freedom from all that bother you, all that make you afraid, all that hurt you inside, and you'll know peace even in the face of trauma and danger.



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