EARTH DAY:ELDERS FART GET USED TO IT(you'll be farting soon enough)!

Maybe not the best way to get a friendly start, but true non-the less!
We the “baby boomers” are getting closer and closer to realizing that we are the ONES we have been waiting for, while at the same time having to accept that becoming grumpy grandpas (or Grumpas) ain't the way forward either! Nor would any amount of complaining bring the kids around.

By golly I tell you I've lived long enough to know better and still can't figure this one out. Why is it that every generation has to cut a new path to living life and being human? Bleeding, yelling, music, art,whatcha got..  every generation seems to say “let me hit my head against that rock, bleed and learn for myself, but don't tell me I'm doing it wrong” Simply put, we learn from history that we don't learn from history, is that it? Are we done now?

Can I be wordy without loosing the reader, the listener or the critic? Elders fart(ok Pass gas, happy?), that's a known fact. In ancient cultures there were actual rituals of peace gathering, with peace pipes or what have you, at the end of which all elders would pass gas as a sign of total agreement! Put that one in your pipe and smoke it, see what comes out....

We have no problem butchering animals in group A even to the point of having mass slaughter houses for food, yet frown upon those who say animals in group B are also food. We'd put the son of bitch in jail if he confessed to eating his cat cause he was too hungry or had to feed the dog, far fetched? Ask a hypothetical and get a hypothetical! Nothing seems sacred any more if we cannot see this better children. Consumerism and greed are in bed with ignorance and egos every nite y'all. 

Mass producing now as we are, the new generation will forever be known as the tech generation who continued on with the work of the industrial revolutionist, and still didn't get it “in time” to avoid obliterating our common humanity which started with their fathers and grandfather, only two generations ago! Smoke this one good kids cause its about to rain with hard winds! 

For mother Earth, a prayer and an awakened commitment on the part of kids in age group of 
19 to 38, may result in healing her wounds. Alas! As an old fart I see only hope in our generation who continue to generate greed and consumerism. SO ITS ALL UP TO ME, TO CHANGE HOW I FART! 

Get it? Good, don't bother me no more kid, I need my rest, you schlums!   



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